Sunaina Khandelwal

Sunaina Khandelwal is a multimedia artist with an interest in Art History and Curating. She explores the status and meaning of colour within the western art world.
Khandelwal's work is concerned with how the pigments we painters use today, are contemporary re-enactments of their historic selves, by manifesting an essence of the past that is embedded within their materiality. As painters operating within the western art culture, if we were to hear the names of colours such as Red Ochre and Burnt Sienna, we would instantly be able to construct a mental picture of these materials based on their historic associations. The names of such colours encapsulate a material essence of something being quite earthy, opaque, and coarse. 
As a result, Khandelwal's practice looks to question how the specific categorization of these artist pigments  challenges our visual perception of the artworks we encounter. By representing industrially produced artist colours within her work, Khandelwal references fragments of their history from a contemporary position.

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