Amanda PL

Amanda PL’s interest in the natural and the supernatural worlds attempts to blend the dimensions of reality and myth in her artworks. She takes us on a magical journey where two worlds collide to create a world where animals have equal relationship with human beings, where supreme balance has been restored in nature, and the world of spirits forges a bond with humankind to remind us of who we are.

Amanda PL attempts to remind us of how the world has been altered by new technologies and pollution, and how this impact is felt in a form of negation, alienation, and separation from land, ocean, and forest. Instead, these elements are replaced by mass production of plastics, control over nature, harmful chemicals, and denial of climate change; all of which contribute to inevitable destruction of our earth.

Amanda PL is a strong advocate for a plastic free world. “My passion for art and nature makes me determined to protect our precious environment, so that nature can thrive, and we can enjoy its beauty for many years to come as we leave this place better than we found it.”