Collection: Moses Salihou

Moses Salihou, hailing from Cameroon, breathes life into canvases at Flick the Switch Studios, Grange location. His recent solo exhibit at Toronto's Nicholas Metivier Art Gallery delves into the essence of belonging and existence. With a fusion of portraiture and abstraction, Salihou's brushstrokes weave a narrative of human complexity. Layers of paint, thick and rich, mirror our intricate inner worlds. In his art, Salihou unveils the mosaic nature of humanity, where identities, experiences, and emotions intertwine. Faces emerge from his gestures, yet remain fluid, inviting viewers to engage as participants in the ever-evolving story of identity.

Across galleries in North America, Salihou's work finds resonance, finding homes in private collections around the globe from Europe to New Zealand, Africa to Asia, and throughout Canada and the US.