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Flick the Switch Artist Collective

Progress 42 " x 42 " by Susan N Stewart

Progress 42 " x 42 " by Susan N Stewart

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42 " x 42 " Oil on Geofilm

Paintings in white give us space to breathe

Steven Pinker says 'The world has made spectacular progress in every measure of human well-being. But nobody know.' Knowing the problems we have to solve, sometimes a balanced rather than apocalyptic view of the world helps to find the wisest strategies. Violence is down. War is down. Poverty and starvation are down. Death a childbirth and child mortality is down. Let's use the tools that got us here to tackle the current challenges.

Steven Pinker's empowering words are embedded in the painting, reaching out to us as we wander around the spacious but detailed artwork. One can look at it for hours and still find more as it changes with the light and the shifts in our mind. 

Frame and framing assistance available.  International Shipping.  Payment plan. 

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