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Hagop Ohannessian

Whale Songs. Bottle Nose Dolphin Sonogram 2m x 1m

Whale Songs. Bottle Nose Dolphin Sonogram 2m x 1m

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Aluminium panel or wood or canvas, wood/vinyl

Songs of the Whales: Custom pieces

Hagop was passionate about preserving ocean mammals from the impact of global shipping and consumption. He was very moved by the songs of the whales and incorporated the music and visualisation into these artworks .

A sonogram is a visualisation of the whale's vocalisation. The original installation was an immersive experience of 6 panels in a container with the whale' songs. See photo. You can purchase the original panel or custom sized pieces.

Each panel is 2 meters (6 .56') x 1 meters (3.25'). Optional: Loud speaker attached to each panel generating the sound of the whales.   There are 6 panels. See other Sonograms.

Options: Originals or Smaller format on Aluminium, wood or canvas/vinyl panels 

Sample prices:

Aluminium panel. 22" x 16"  =  $400  

56" x 72"  $1000

Canvas/vinyl  22" x 16"  =  $300  56" x 72" = $750

Original Panel  6.5 x 3.25' = $1250

With Whale songs  $250.

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