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Julia Rose Sutherland

Vigil: The Land Remembers (Perfomance Stills) 2020. #3

Vigil: The Land Remembers (Perfomance Stills) 2020. #3

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Julia Rose Sutherland is a Mi’kmaq (Metepenagiag Nation) / settler artist and educator (Assistant Professor at OCADU) based out of Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada). Sutherland’s interdisciplinary art practice employs photography, sculpture, textiles, and performance. 

Vigil is a large-format printed work from a performance series titled "Vigil: The Land Remembers."  There are several in the series that can be hung together. Epson: Ultrachrome Pigment Inks on Lexjet Archival Matte Paper. 26X 38 " White frame optional. There are several in the series that can be hung together. 

Sutherland navigates trauma and social issues associated with her Indigenous roots as a Mi'kmaq woman of the Metepenagiag Nation of Canada. She addresses the systems of commodification, representation, value, and the identity politics surrounding Indigenous Peoples of North America. With this, she fosters a dialogue regarding these marginalized communities' treatment, representation, and voice.

The work often emphasizes concepts of loss and absence, alongside adapted Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq Nation traditional materials and techniques. Through her work, Sutherland reconnects a sense of identity and pushes to engage a more mindful conversation around topical subjects such as addiction, mental health, feminism, and Indigenous healing praxis and identity politics.

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