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Welcoming Kamilė Zaleckaitė to Flick the Switch Parkdale Studios

Kamilė Zaleckaitė is moving into the parkdale studios.  She is passionate about making plaster art.  She moved to Toronto six months ago from Lithuania.  She said before moving in:  “  I'm overjoyed to have discovered Flick and Switch and been welcomed into this community. I had the chance to peek inside the studio, and I feel privileged to be beginning my artist journey alongside such a talented artists."

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Congratulations to Gwen Brown on a stupendous sale

Artists at the Grange studios watched the amazing progression of this beautiful painting. Congratulations to Gwen Brown on the sale of this stunning piece. Gwen Brown exhibits at the Beauchamp Gallery in Toronto.  

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Julia Rose Sutherland at the Power Plant

Julia Rose Sutherland is part of an exhibition at the Power Plant.Six artists from Tkaronto and surrounding areas explore how visual documentation and cultural practices can reclaim the narratives of their respective communities despite colonialism’s persistence.I’m going. Join us on February 2, from 8 PM to 11 PM, to experience in parallel first-hand during the opening of the Winter 2023 season.  

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Lan "Florence" Yee's Show of Underappreciated Texts Too Suspicious to Ignore

Lan “Florence” Yee opened at the Pierre Leon Gallery in Alliance Francais. The show runs until Feb 4.                   Lan is a visual artist and serial collaborator based in Tkaronto/Toronto and Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal. They collect text in underappreciated places and ferment it until it is too suspicious to ignore. Lan’s work has been exhibited at the Darling Foundry (2022), the Toronto Museum of Contemporary Art (2021), the Art Gallery of Ontario (2020), the Textile Museum of Canada (2020), and the Gardiner Museum (2019), among others. Along with Arezu Salamzadeh, they co-founded the Chinatown Biennial in 2020. 

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