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Meet Artist Sunaina Khandelwal: Flick Director of Communication

Sunaina Khandelwal talks about how she finds and grinds her own pigments. She is finishing a work for the Flick the Switch Artists' Collective Open Studio  Missed the Open studio?  Make an appointment to tour the four floors of the old rectory with 30 artists' studios. 35 Stephanie Street.  Look for the old church tower.    

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FINALLY the Flick the Switch Artists’ Collective OPEN STUDIO TOUR

Tour the studios of twenty cutting-edge artists at the Flick the Switch Artists' Collective: Grange location. * View vibrant, contemporary art. * Meet award winning artists: local and international. * Ask questions about their process. * Tour studio on 4 floors in the old rectory building. * Purchase art to enliven your space or for gifts. * Explore the historic site with old church tower. * Sneak previews @FlicktheSwitchArt

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Julia Rose Sutherland “GINA’MATIMG ‘Time of Acquiring Learning’” Opens November

“GINA’MATIMG ‘Time of Acquiring Learning’”Julia Rose Sutherland Opening Saturday November 12th, 7PM- 9PM "Julia Rose Sutherland's exhibition "GINA'MATIMG" is a contemporary collection of explorations subverted Gawiei's "quillwork" inspired by her heritage as a Mi'kmaq First Nations woman of Turtle Island. Gawiei is a process of embroidery/ embellishment with porcupine quills. Sutherland is using this opportunity to start a dialogue about the representation of Indigenous craft, questioning the canon of westernized gallery practices, authority, and decolonization practices. This work and practice challenge power structures and systemic racism (which actively hinder and oppress minorities) and push for dismantling white supremacy through active conversation and dialogue. This exhibition will include one community quillwork workshop at The New Gallery site on November 5, 2022. ...

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Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro's solo exhibition at the Rele Gallery in Lagos

Congratulations to Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro, the debut solo exhibition at the Rele Gallery in Lagos.  'Feeling Blue, Seeking Solace' exists as part of an ongoing dialogue on mental health and mental health issues in contemporary society. Built up with thick layers of paint, Coleman-Pinheiro’s shroud-like figures emerge and recede into shadowy, formless landscapes, silent inhabitants of an unknowable world. These conjured figures, expressionist in their otherworldliness usher us into the unfathomable depths of the human mind, through emotional experiences and murky landscapes.   Echoing the indeterminate, vast nature of the human mind, Coleman-Pinheiro’s textured canvases exist as ‘snapshots’ of an expanding, complex world, one that overwhelms and detaches, offering new depths and realities. In this exhibition, the artist contemplates what it means to...

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