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Flick the Switch Art Shop. The GO-TO Place for art lovers to find exciting art.

Flick the Switch Art Shop is the GO-TO place for art lovers to find cutting edge art by award-winning artists.  Queen West in Toronto, Canada is the darling of globe trotting tastemakers, cited by Vogue to be the second hippest, coolest neighbourhood in the world. Flick the Switch Art Collective is the new kid on the Queen Street West block dozens of talented artists- painting, sculpting at the Grange and Parkdale locations.  Check out the ART SHOP. See the art on your wall. Share your favs with friends and social media.  Start an art collecting adventure today.

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Open Studio a Grand Success. Lots of Smart Art Gifts still available

The Open Studio was a Grange Success. Lots of art lovers came and were thrilled to see all the great art, fantastic studios and interesting artists. Many went  home with beautiful paintings, fabulous prints and gorgeous jewelry.   Ukrainian artist Ievgeniia Cherednikova has lots of small pieces that make perfect gifts.   Lots more art for holiday gifts and gift cards. contact the artists directly or  our art consultants can help you.  

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Julia Rose Sutherland “GINA’MATIMG ‘Time of Acquiring Learning’” Opens November

“GINA’MATIMG ‘Time of Acquiring Learning’”Julia Rose Sutherland Opening Saturday November 12th, 7PM- 9PM "Julia Rose Sutherland's exhibition "GINA'MATIMG" is a contemporary collection of explorations subverted Gawiei's "quillwork" inspired by her heritage as a Mi'kmaq First Nations woman of Turtle Island. Gawiei is a process of embroidery/ embellishment with porcupine quills. Sutherland is using this opportunity to start a dialogue about the representation of Indigenous craft, questioning the canon of westernized gallery practices, authority, and decolonization practices. This work and practice challenge power structures and systemic racism (which actively hinder and oppress minorities) and push for dismantling white supremacy through active conversation and dialogue. This exhibition will include one community quillwork workshop at The New Gallery site on November 5, 2022. ...

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