Flick Artists Exhibit at Blitz Gallery Opening Thursday March 23rd

Join us for the opening reception on March 23rd from 6pm-9pm, where you can engage with the artists, explore the exhibition, and celebrate the power of community and connection. Blitz Gallery is thrilled to present "Being and Belonging," a group exhibition in collaboration with Flick the Switch Collective. Featuring the works of thirteen diverse artists, this exhibition explores the complexities of identity, community, and the human desire to connect and belong. In a world that often seeks to divide and separate, these artists invite us to consider what it means to truly belong. Through a variety of mediums, they share their unique perspectives and experiences, inviting us to engage in a dialogue about the power of self-discovery and connection. From bold, colourful canvases to intricate sculptures and mixed media installations, "Being and Belonging" is a vibrant display of artistic expression that celebrates the beauty and diversity of humanity. Each piece offers a glimpse into the artist's personal journey of discovery, inviting us to connect with our own experiences of identity and belonging.


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