'Ensnared 1' by Toronto Artist Marion Flanagan

'Ensnared 1' by Toronto Artist Marion Flanagan

'Ensnared 1' is a wall based sculpture by Toronto artist Marion Flanagan. 

This wall-based sculpture is inspired by the ideas behind biophilic design. Drawing upon our inborn desire to be surrounded by nature, this work combines a tree trunk with materials which investigate the relationship between humans and nature.

Flanagan recently completed her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious Clifford Chance UAL sculpture award.

Synthetic rubber, tree trunk, bolts, washers, and chalk paint on plywood in wood frame 86 cm x 70 cm x 6 cm Approx. 34” x 28” x 2”

More information about her in the Flick the Switch Art Shop: www.flicktheswitch.org/collections/all-artwork

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