Cécile Fatiman : regard vers la Guinée, 30x48’’

Laurena Finéus

Cécile Fatiman : regard vers la Guinée, 30x48’’

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The word Déchoukaj in Haitian Kréyol refers to the uprooting of a tree from the ground with all of its roots; it comes from the French word “désouchage”.  The term emerged in response to the political upheaval that occurred after the exile of dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier on February 7th, 1986.  Such events announced the resumption of power by the people of a particular state against the rich.  Essentially, a Déchoukaj means to attack the goods and properties of corrupt notables as well as their henchmen.  Finéus redefines such themes throughout her own familial perspective where ownership is defined through woman-led literature. Disassembling political power structures in Haitian history, the term Déchoukaj is portrayed as a state of existence with undisturbed biased experiences and impressions.  Finéus intertwines political history in her own work, while focusing on the impact that women have in Haitian society. 

Acrylic and oil on canvas/ Acrylique et huile sur toile



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