New Studio Space: Artist or Writer

NEW!!   Artist work space available for artist or writer.   West Queen West Cowan studio 1, west side.  $250.00 Contact for a tour.  click photos for gallery        

HOLIDAY SALE: Saturday December 2nd

HOLIDAY SALE: Saturday December 2nd 2 – 4.   Art, Paintings, Found-Object Sculptures, Multi-Media Installations, Ceramics and Jewellery, Textile Design and  Screen-writer-Playwright photo exposé at Flick the Switch Studio.  Plus Amita Sen Gupta Exhibition Opening in the Church Sanctuary. See below. ————– “Matter and Place”,  Exhibition of paintings by Amita Sen Gupta At The Anglican Church…

Flick the Switch Open House Fun

Flick the Switch Collective held an Open House Party, November 18, 2017 Long Gao’s Rose petal installation, Amita Sen Gupta’s and Ram Espino’s paintings, Susan N. Stewarts Yoni Found Object Sculptures and Meditations paintings, Amy Roger’s art and ceramics, Kate Austin Design’s Fair Trade fashion and playwright Brooke Banning’s photoblog. Click for larger images.    

Studio Space 2 on September 1st

Flick the Switch Collective is taking on Studio Space 2 on September 1st. Artist Long Goa is moving in and Phaedrus Studios is moving over from Studio 1. Only 3 spaces left for artists, plus two co-working spaces for creative people (writers, musicians). Coworking desks include drafting tables, standing desk, flip top desk, and standard…