Become an Art Collector. Meet the Artists

Make your home hip and artists happy.  Buy Terrific Toronto Art.

Become a discerning collector and build an exciting art collection.  (Don’t buy posters and heavily marketed copy cat art.)

Toronto is an amazing, dynamic art scene.  Time to seek out the interesting artist who are busy creating instead of marketing.  Visit them, get to know them, their voyage, learn how to become a discerning collector.

For example Flick Artist Kirstie McCallum had a magnificent Grad Exhibition.  Her sculptural installations are only going for WHAT?? $400 some of them? She is developing a serious body of work that she can tell you about. The pieces would look amazing in a Toronto condo or home..

Contact Flick the Switch for a tour. Visit artists and see their work.

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Kirstie McCallum’s Exhibition
Avleen Kaur talking about her new work
Learn about Susan N. Stewart’s Yoni Painting story.
Hear why Amita Sen Gupta painted shoes. 
Why does artist Long Gao use rose petals?
Why does Long Gao use rose petals in his art?
Sculptor Christopher Bradd can tell you about his process
Ceramic Artists Get Creative and Functional
Ceramic Artist Amy Rogers Get Creative and Functional
Parties are fun and the food is good.
Plus good parties and good food. Parkdale gathering as we moved in. Looks so different now.