Katie Hagan

Katie Hagan’s oil paintings strive for photographic realness meaning to propel the viewer to reconsider how they consume portraiture. She feels that in the advent of cameras becoming a palm-sized fifth appendage, the connection between viewer and image has become superfluous and powerless.

Painting photorealistically, her subjects’ likeness often meet the viewer eye-to-eye, she intends to challenge their experience with the image before them. The use of deep, saturated colours invite the viewer in, prolong the engagement, proffer a storyline or encourage them to glean a history; ultimately asking them to explore the substance of a moment they did not share with subjects they have never known.

Katie Hagan is a Toronto-based graphic designer. After graduating from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a BA and BFA in 2013, she completed the one-year Artist in Residence program in the town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Having become disillusioned with making art post-residency, she has since continued her art practice very casually while pursuing a career in digital art.