Flick Opening: Two Flick Artists Exhibiting at Red Head Gallery

Two Flick artists are having an opening at Red Head Gallery on Thursday August 29th 5 – 8.  So let’s gather there for interesting chats, snacks and drinks so we can get to know one another (instead of the day before at Grange as previously planned). 

Kirstie McCallum has a studio at the Grange main floor and Susan N. Stewart 🙂  is also exhibiting.

“A Stone Transforming Smile”
The Red Head Gallery
Suite 115 of 401 Richmond Street,
August 26-31, 2019.
Reception:  Thursday August 29, from 5-8pm.
This exhibition features Sarah Carlson, Kirstie McCallum, Pamela Nelson, and Susan N. Stewart.

“A Stone Transforming Smile” explores themes of close-looking and deep aesthetic appreciation for the world around us. The title comes from “Roman Fountain” by Rainer Maria Rilke, a poem that expresses the affective qualities of  a simple stone fountain. Through their practices, these artists address the non-human things of the world with care and attention, illustrating how they enrich our lives in quiet ways. Like the fluid sound of water beneath the buzz of conversation, “A Stone Transforming Smile” speaks softly but urgently about the need to protect our visible and invisible natural worlds and the human cultural histories that are intimately entwined with these things.

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